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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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supervisor about cleaning at the camp. he was just -- totally, i would walk around with you. most people went expecting that it would be very messy after two months, but it was not. i would also like to demolish the folks in the camps as others have who have been monetize over this. thank you for your leadership. at the end of the day, i occupy wall street has caused us to -- , occupy wall street has caused us to look at things in new ways that we need to. we are grateful for your leadership. right now, we have foreclosure
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in district 10. over 1500 homes in the bayview alone. a silent crisis that your work has highlighted, in a way. the municipal bank discussion in these important conversations. -- and these important conversations. all of these questions are coming in the spirit that we wanted them to for so long. i support occupy wall street so much so, we will be putting up a tent down at occupy in the next couple of days, and we wanted to say thank you to those that made this possible. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> i have and i hope the
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resolution will be carried forward? is there a chilling nature to political expression? particularly chilling, when government officials disagree. a previous speaker mentioned that the square in egypt. there was a march there to support occupy wall street's. the world is watching. the reputation of san francisco is at stake. it is important to underscore the point that this resolution must not be predicated on the presence of supervisors to
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support the bride of protests. your support for the right must be separate from the particular protest involved. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> my name is eugene dougherty. thank you, supervisors, for putting forward this resolution. i was sitting down earlier and realized that i was probably part of the more. i followed the initial occupation of line, joining it on the wham free weeks ago. by do not have some of the issues that many of my friends have. i am not in debt. i have health insurance.
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i joined this movement for ethical reasons. as a witness to the october 17 grade -- raid, and after seeing what happened in oakland, by actually stood up and felt, finally, in my life, that i could get arrested for standing up for what i believe in. i have a lot of friends supportive of this. we bill mott stops until we see the change that our society
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needs. supervisor avalos: next speaker, please. blacks thank you. my name is [unintelligible] the occupy group came to our church. their presentation was very well received. i want to emphasize that the occupiers are trained very well in how to protect ourselves, to be nonviolent and respect the police. for the last few years in europe, and i saw how the oiipor have to live here. you never see people eating from
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the sidewalk in other industrialized societies. one quarter of this country lives in poverty. this is the richest country in the world. that is a strange. that is what the occupiers are trying to address. i am very happy that they came along and will be a part of the political scene. thank you very much. thank you. supervisor avalos: next speaker, please. i have one more card. >> my name is barbara edelman. i am here again to congratulate the occupy people for their continued efforts. the movement had home. this is really fascinating. a world power community outreach organization. i hope that this resolution
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passes the full board. i am also here with one particular concern. access to public bathrooms. right now you have five that are not being emptied adequately. personally, it would be inefficient to be publicly funded. if we had enough to put down a protest, we should be able to run public restrooms. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is adam. hello. i have been staying at the encampment. i just graduated from college. until this movement started, even if few weeks ago, before
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was involved, i was completely jaded. we often have this view between short-term and the memory loss in this society. because of my experience, i vividly remember how i lost hope in civic and engagement. all of my friends often shared that. i sort of have this feeling of hope. if you go to the camp and talk to people, that is something that everyone has shared. this idea that we are creating a new space. a few months back, if you think about what the news commentators find, there was this sense that everyone in the united states is the ejected. that it is slowing down. -- ejected -- dejected.
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that it is slowing down. we need something strong to drive our society forward. to help to make us more successful people. [beep] the encampment of about just a symbol of that, but it is and living space where the hope is coming together. where people are working together to create a better reality for each other'. that is one thing that we have to remember. the camp is not just a metaphor. is action, working in action. that is what we need to remember. supervisor avalos: next speaker, please. >> yoke. body, mind, and spirit, doing a whole movement.
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there is a bit of a historical quest -- historical question -- excuse me. hundreds of people protesting the occupation in this chamber of the house un-american activities committee. it was the year before, back in my head, 1957. right there, we spoke up in favor of the first amendment. it was rejected. back then, in my head, there were different ventures in the footnotes. [laughter] this was the smoking side. people were smoking up a storm. this was the non-smoking side. anyway, i was there. and i am here now. thank god for the folks coming
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down from their world shakespeare in their head. what is happening here, what is it? in the name of the valor -- what is it? what is the better part of valor? shakespeare? what? thank you. registration is the better part of valor. since then, we have been interacting and intersecting with a hand wash. a connecting departments -- connecting apartments for a healthy camp that will persevere. -- connecting departments for a healthy camp that will persevere. also, a tip of that to the can
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of this movement that is here. saying that it is not just good to have high friends in places, but friends in high places as well. thank you, brothers and sisters. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is kathy hogan. i am a social worker, here in san francisco. thank you for standing with us and being responsive. what folks do not know is that supervisors have supported us, day and night. but that is not the case with the of the mayor. it brings the question of who the mayor is here to support. the people of san francisco are calling upon him to come visit us,, support us -- visit us, support us. he is not present.
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instead, he said that occupies an francisco -- occupy san francisco is a public health hazard. he has now seen it with his own eyes. instead, he criticizes the movement by spending $100,000 in funds -- this was just a week ago -- when $100,000 was spent on moving against our movement. $100,000 could do a lot to support the city of san francisco in becoming a beacon on the hill, improvising the support of social movements for the people organizing. the people that know they will have a voice in this society that they are creating. we are recognizing our own rights to have shelter, food,
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and sleeping. within the camp, most health problems are coming down as order from the mayor, not by a lack of organization from within. this is a government that is by the people, for the people. people are exercising their voice. i am curious, what do the people intend to do? the federal government as well. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> i am one of the 99%. i live in the north mission. thank you for bringing this resolution forward. this technique has been throughout history, switching from something to the system can digest, a free speech matter, to something that i cannot, capital dominance. as the previous speaker
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mentioned, the federal government has federalized the response in oakland. they came out strongly earlier this year by saying that the protests in egypt, that the government there should not crack down on those folks. in america, the government is clearly cracking down on this response. this is closer to china. which way do we go? we want to go towards egypt. i was fortunate enough to wake up in the park after not sleeping for very long. it was amazing, i saw folks coming together from all walks of life in a populist, not leftist, patriotic movement. the people are ahead of the activists. but that is where the power comes from for social change. this is not a leftist movement.
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not liberal, not conservative, but americans standing up and people are not taking no for an answer. this is a social revolution. the verse, indigenous communities are brought together to create laws. how do we create an american, horizontal society, where there is no privilege, but we respect each other to work together as a free agent, walking in power. we are all leaders. that is what we are seeing here. we are seeing power clamping down so vociferously on folks. people are rising down to stop that. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good morning.
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i am speaking for myself, but i am a member of multiple organizations in san francisco. my mind is swimming with all of the vote -- relevant considerations to this. i would like to first comment that for some reason, no one here has spoken against this resolution. which i thank you for. i agree with everything i've heard. i do not know how to summarize it. i think that we are missing a kind of miracle in the world, in our country, and in the city. i was hoping that said francisco
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might turn out to be a leader in dealing with the substance of the concerns from the public, as shown around the nation in the world -- nation and of the world, which is a social justice discussion over the trust of government. i could go on and on. i know that there are people that want to make an issue of the potential for violence. mainly, i want to say that it is the right of people to assemble , just as we are assembled here today, for public discussion. we have heard many different ways of looking at what is
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involved. those issues can come out of democracy, and a democracy can develop. right, so the issue is the ability of people -- [beep] so that the opportunity of that discussion can continue. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. >> and non-violent techniques are the spark on the right to assemble. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. i do not have any more cards. anyone else that wants to speak, please line up. >> thank you. my name is marie goldman. -- mariurry goldman. i work with a group that attempts to reduce the influence
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of money in politics. i have tried to get the occupy people and move their energy into politics. talking about the way that money influences politics for campaign spending. candidates that have the values to support money. instead, i found myself listening to them more. it really triggered something very deep in me. i was one of the first people in the celebration, that with the dreams -- i know that i had a lot of them then. some of them became true. this is because we spoke to the
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heart. and it is because we spoke of a heart. not necessarily getting called in to any one tank, but to hold our hearts. i have a career in exit polling for major television networks. [beep] i watch politics firsthand. i see how it affects candidates, voters. money is so powerful. that is what i trust to do with this website, making people more and more aware of that. my point is, i guess -- [beep] there are people that will be translating this into policy.
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what is really important is that we honor that message. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. i was on line with twitter and facebook, live stream on wednesday morning. i want to thank you for your presence. it felt as though you prevented an exercise from becoming something other than that. i am here because of the images of scott olson being shot in the head. that is as much a part of public health and safety as what the protesters are doing. when it comes before the board, the second part of the resolution oakley addresses whether or not the police use projectiles, rubber bullets, i
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do not know all of the terminology. i urge everyone who is occupying to also occupied the voting booth on wednesday morning. thank you for what you are doing. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> ♪ you have got all of the one before the rising sun you will fly so many roads to choose the protesters will start out walking and they will learn to run and yes we have begun before the city rises in the sun so many roads are you for us the bill that we find along the way
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talking is over just in all of us working together day to day. you have got the one hand we have got none i will give us one in a million chances in a lifetime showing some compassionate orders by one in a million from you and one fine day you will look at me and you will know that we want the money to be free one fine day you are going to hope your pay the city arms i long for will open wide
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and you will be glad to have protesters stick some money by your side one fine day you will get some help now [applause] >> good afternoon, supervisors. and i am just coming to speak to you today in support of the resolution before you. i really appreciate the support you brought to the protest and the sentiment behind occupies in francisco, and the whole movement that is currently taking place in support of economic justice and racial justice here in san francisco and across the country. i hope that when you pass this resolution you do it not just with the spirit -- spirit of supporting first amendment rights, but also taking a stand
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with 99 percent signed, workers, homeless folks in san francisco, and taking a stand with communities that these police violence every day, in making sure that not just the folks down at the plaza are supported and protected from police violence, but also communities and san francisco, especially in bayview that face police violence all the time, that we stand with them and support economic and racial justice issues behind us. thing to bring much. i appreciate your support. commissioner avalos: any other members that would like to comment? we will close public comment. supervisor kim. supervisor kim: i want to thank supervisor avalos and his office to make sure we can get this resolution out in a timely manner. i want to appreciate the time
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you took to do that. and i know there were two amendments that we wanted to introduce. commissioner avalos: if you would like, i could read that into the record. it is essentially a couple of were as clauses. i will read it all of them. the board of supervisors supports the occupied wall street protest movements and the right to assemble peacefully and enjoy -- free speech in the city of san francisco. that the board of supervisors recognizes free-speech unlimited of assembly should not be limited to daytime or short-term activities. we see the need to have adequate shelter and fire safe energy sources and access to food. we believe that is reasonable. that the board of the supervisors are just the mayor, police department and city agencies to uphold the public
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assembly and to recognize that the full exercise of such rights required the purchase bids are able to attend to the needs of everyday life and have a space free from harassment. for the result that the board of supervisors urges the mayor to direct the recreation and park department, department of public works, police department, and city agencies as relevant to be flexible and to collaborate with protesters for the sake sharing a public spaces in which demonstrators can exercise their political rights in the city can addressed legitimate safety concerns while avoiding unnecessary antagonism. for the result that the board of supervisors urges the mayor in order to prevent further harm in conflict to any member of the public, including protesters, and here is another amendment, along in to occupy sf, to direct the police department that there will be no use of force.
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supervisor kim: thank you. i know several of the supervisors' vote before public comment. i wanted to add a few quick words. first of all, i want to thank the members of occupy sf for working with the city addressing the concerns of the city had. i heard a lot about power cleaning equipment that was built in the work of the weekend to clean. i think -- also working around a lot of concerns around the kitchen and on how to distribute food. and i want to acknowledge that. i also want to acknowledge i am very hopeful we can find a solution, because i believe the solution does exist. and i think the city is slowly moving towards that. as much as i would like to hope that the presence of myself and other supervisors on wednesday night help


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